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Green Clean VA Serving residents of Richmond, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg and now Washington DC!!!


Fully Licensed & Insured.        

Proudly Serving Virginia for 12+ Years.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Only.

FREE In-Home Estimates.        

Locally Owned & Operated.                      

Residential & Commercial.                      



3 Main Reasons To Let Green Clean VA Take Care Of Your Cleaning Needs

Reason #1: Clean Home

A clean home is a happy and a healthy home. At Green Clean we believe that every home deserves clean carpets, tiles, hardwood floors, ducts and external sidings! Together with the use of green-certified solution and the power of
 truck mounted machines we deliver a deeper, healthier cleaning services to the residents of Central Virginia, cities of Richmond and Charlottesville. As a family owned business we value each and every one of our customers and make sure that every call is handled in a professional manner. Let Green Clean cater to your cleaning needs and help you maintain the beauty of your home!

Reason #2: Solution Matters

Green Clean uses eco-friendly, The Citrus Solve® based products that are free of toxins and hazardous materials, making them safe for use in the home or around children and small pets. They do not release harmful fumes into air, thereby eliminating the risk of respiratory symptoms associated with airborne chemicals. Most are mild on the hands, eliminating the danger of burns or injury from harsh chemicals. Eco-friendly cleaning products do not pose a risk to the ground water. Refillable or recyclable containers and biodegradable packaging help eliminate overfilling of landfills. Because many such cleaners are effective in cold water, energy is saved, eliminating environmental pollutants from fossil fuels used to heat water. That can mean using less oil or gas in your water heater or using less electricity, which is often generated using coal, oil and gas.

Reason #3: Method & Water Usage

Green Clean uses 80% less water than regular steam cleaning, so your carpets will dry in 8-10 hours, not days. This heated application  helps to reduce any bacteria, germs, mites and other toxins that are present. The level of moisture applied can be easily controlled depending upon the surface that is worked upon in order to not damage the underlying material. The excess water along with the dislodged dirt is then eliminated utilizing the suction component of the equipment. The depth with which this method treats not only  reduces harmful allergens, it will greatly improve the overall appearance and lifespan of the carpeting as well. Unlike the yellowing that can result from  many brighteners, there is  little chance of discoloration when hot water and steam are employed. This technique typically dries rather quickly, whereas the nature of some  water-based shampoo necessitates longer drying time. Re-soiling is minimized as well when the steamed material is thoroughly dried prior to use.