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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Green Clean VA Services


Before the Carpet Cleaning Tech Arrives

1. Any recommendations before the technician arrives?

It’s best to pre-vacuum general debris from the carpets. Our system will suck up the little stuff, but larger pieces get caught in our filters. If you’ve vacuumed within the last few days, you are OK. Remove any breakable objects from tight corners and tables near stairs. We do not move furniture, and we let you handle small things like toys and clothes. It is helpful if you move any vehicles out of your garage before we get there that you may want to use since the garage is typically blocked once we get started.

2. What time will you show up?

Many carpet cleaning companies want customers to commit to a 2-hour window for them to show up (then the actual work begins). However, we give a specific appointment time. We are pretty good at estimating how much time it will take at a home plus travel between appointments. From time to time, we do run into some unusual situations. If we are going to be later than 30 minutes, you will get a phone call from the technician letting you  know his status.

3. Do you move furniture you are cleaning around?

Unfortunately we do not move any furniture and ask that all the furniture is moved by the homeowner/clients prior to our technician’s arrival.

4. Do I need to leave my house while you are cleaning?

You can stay, be in another room, whatever you would like to do is fine with us.

5. Is there a travel charge?
No. There is no travel charge. Travel is included in the service (unless you are outside our service area). However, our service area is quite extensive.

6. How long will it take to clean my carpets?

Whole houses take about 2 to 3 hours. 3 areas take 1 to 1.5 hours. But, we usually book out 3.5 hours for a whole house to factor in travel, which is a big chunk of the day to set aside and why we really, really, really need at least 24 hours notice for cancellations. As a practical matter, we have become pretty gracious about rescheduling on short notice. We don’t charge a cancellation fee unless you don’t call ahead and don’t answer your door.

7. What if I want to cancel an appointment?

We only ask that you give as much notice as possible.  Almost daily we have calls coming in that need a cleaning right now.   If a cancellation or a need to reschedule needs to be, no problem.  Just please let us know as soon as you can.

8. How do you guarantee customer satisfaction?

We don’t get call backs too often, but we are happy to come back out and address any situation that might arise. Please call us within a week of the original appointment.

About the Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Can you get all the spots out?

It depends on what they are. Most grayish/blackish stains will come out. Unfortunately, anything with a dye will pose a problem. There is no way to remove a dye spot from your carpet without affecting the original dye applied when the rug was manufactured. So, wood stain, food coloring from popsicles, hair dye, some markers, dyes in some candle wax, etc, often can’t be removed. There are a few people that specialize in spot dying carpets. This is a process where the spot is bleached out and a new dye is applied to match the existing color of the carpet. But, it’s very tricky and raises special new problems. An exact color match is never guaranteed, some dyes can’t even be bleached out, and the bleaching effort can affect the PH balance and leave an orange ring.

2. Are all carpet and upholstery cleaning agents about the same?

No. Many common “off-the-shelf” cleaning agents have a high pH, which may negatively affect your carpet. If it’s too strong, it can take the color out and/or leave a residue resulting in resoiling. Typically, you will want to rinse out any spot cleaner you apply to the carpet. Do you offer carpet and upholstery protection? Yes. We have available carpet/fabric protector designed to keep your carpet or upholstery clean longer. This adds life and protects from wear. This service is an additional charge. We can provide you a quote over the phone or while we are already at your home.

3. Can you apply a deodorizer to my carpet?

Yes.  After we’ve steamed cleaned, we come back in with a special deodorizer that is heavily concentrated.   We use our high pressure sprayer to apply then with a special rake, we get it deep into the carpet.  This stuff is great and lasts a long time.

4. Once the pet urine treatment is completed, will my pet keep marking that particular place?

The products we use to perform pet urine treatment contain a pet deterrent. However, each pet acts differently, so we cannot guarantee that your pet will stop marking that place we treated.

5. My carpet is heavily soiled. Will there be an extra fee?

We have never charged extra for a carpet that is extremely well used where dirt has been tracked in over a long period of time.  However.  There is a huge difference between soiled and stains.  On stains we will do our best going over them several times.  If tho they require lot’s of extra time and work, we must charge.  Our tech will never do this work without first talking to you!

6. Won’t water ruin my carpet?

Modern carpet technology is basically water resistant, and the limited amount of water left in the carpet due to our high-powered suction leaves the carpets damp, causing no problem to the carpet.

7. Why clean my carpets when I’ve heard that cleaning makes it soil faster and shortens the life of the carpet?

Some cleaning agents cause re-soiling, some do not. We use a commercial cleaning agent specifically designed to prevent re-soiling. Some companies use cheaper cleaning agents or methods, which leave a dirt-attracting residue. Most dry cleaning methods and “encapsulation systems” are inferior, so their agents boost the cleaning agents to overcompensate. This can leave particles in your carpet that attract dirt.

8. Why is the cleaning agent used by Green Clean VA better for my carpet and upholstery?

It prevents re-soiling (dry residue keeps the carpet cleaner longer) and is 100% soap free and biodegradable, with no fillers. Our agent will not strip away the stain resistance of carpeting and is safe for wool or stain-resistant carpets. Additional features include: pH Balanced (8.5) • Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Fouling • Non-Allergenic & Odorless • Color Safe Cleaner

9. Can I have both my area rugs and the carpet that it sits on cleaned at the same time?

Yes. However, the area rug cannot dry over the wet carpet. After cleaning the area rug must be taken to another area that is dry and clean.

After the Carpet Cleaning is Completed

1. How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

Typically, it takes 2 to 8 hours. Airflow is what dries carpets. If it’s cold outside, turn the furnace on and fans if you have them. If it’s hot outside, open windows and let the air blow through. Avoid turning on fireplaces since fireplaces tend to create humidity rather than the converse.

2. Can I walk on the carpet right after the cleaning has been done?

Yes. However, we recommend you avoid high traffic until the carpet is completely dry. Alot of traffic may prolong dry time. Use caution as wet feet may cause slipping and falling.

3. There are some areas in my carpet that have wrinkles. What can you do?

It’s common for carpets to loosen up over time. If you want them stretched down flat, we can schedule another service call for this service to be performed also. Just let us know your needs and we will take care of them!

4. What should I do if the stains that were cleaned reappear?

Although most stains that are removed from carpets do not reappear, from time to time we run into situations where spots have reappeared after the cleaning. There are 2 reasons why this could happen. 1) Something in the pad or the floorboard (usually pet urine) has worked its way back up into the carpet. This is more common than you might think. The pad works like a huge sponge absorbing anything that penetrates it. There is a property of physics that allows the salts in urine to seek airflow, which means the urine finds its way back into the carpet even when the substance is seemingly dry. 2) The second reason spots reappear has to do with PH levels. Sometimes the PH balance gets shifted to one side or the other of the pH scale. This could be because spot cleaning efforts previously upset the pH balance before we arrived, or rarely, our agent reacted with some invisible thing already there. If your situation is a PH issue, we are  happy to make a no-charge visit to correct the problem, which usually involves spraying a neutralizer on the spot and brushing with a carpet rake.


1. Why should air ducts be cleaned?

Studies have shown that indoor air can be 2 to 5 times MORE polluted than outside air. Most disposable filters remove about 10% of these pollutants allowing 90% to enter the air system, even during the construction of a new home. The pollutants contain dust, pollen, mold spores, animal dander and much more. These materials collect in the furnace, air conditioner and duct surfaces, just as they do on the furniture and floor surfaces. The furniture and floor are cleaned regularly but the duct surfaces are hidden from view and can only be reached by specialized duct cleaning equipment. These pollutants can migrate out into the room again, or become a food source for mold and bacteria, which can thrive in this dark comfortable environment from high humidity or moisture from the air conditioner or humidifiers. Biological growth can release mold spores or toxins into the air system.

2. How can mold grow in a duct system and what problems can it cause?

Mold spores require a stable temperature, a food source and moisture to live and reproduce. Dust and dirt that go through the filter are a good food source. The furnace/air conditioner is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature, and moisture is available from humid conditions in the environment, the humidifier in the furnace or the cooling coils in an air conditioner. Live molds can release spores that will trigger allergic or asthmatic reactions, sometimes severe, in about 10% of the population. Mold both living and dead can produce toxins that may cause short term allergic reactions. Long term exposures to low levels of some mold toxins can result in permanent chemical sensitivity to common compounds in the environment.
3. How Should the Air System Be Cleaned?
Air system cleaning is a simple four step process. The following air duct cleaning steps are for a full service air duct cleaning. The process of air duct cleaning involves 3 steps: 1. Clean the furnace/air conditioner. ▪ After testing the system for proper operation, we will disconnect the power before opening the unit for safety. ▪ Vacuum the interior surfaces of the Furnace/Air Conditioner. ▪ Clean the cooling coils with a HEPA vacuum and a coil cleaner. ▪ Clean the Blower unit. 2. Clean the supply and return registers and grills. ▪ Remove wall, ceiling and Floor registers. ▪ Dust/Vacuum/ or Wash and rinse the registers. 3. Clean the supply and return ducts. ▪ Clean all air ducts using powerful duct cleaning equipment. ▪ Decontaminate cleaned ducts with Soot set sealant, and Odor Kill Deodorizer.

4. Will a dirty air system result in higher energy costs?

Depending on the amount of contamination and its location, energy consumption could be increased. If the fan blades, evaporator coil or other control components of the system are heavily contaminated, the system may have to run much longer to cool or heat the occupied space, wasing a lot of energy.

5. Which parts of the air system should be cleaned?

There are 3 major parts to an air system: 1. The supply and return grills; 2. The interior surfaces of the supply and return vents; and 3. The furnace/air conditioner air handler. All 3 components must be cleaned. If only one or two of the components are cleaned, the contaminates from the 3rd component will rapidly contaminate the ones that were cleaned.

6. How often should I have my air ducts cleaned?

Once an air system is thoroughly cleaned, it should remain clean for 3 to 7 years if properly maintained and a high arsenate filter is installed. A standard disposable filter only stops about 10% of the airborne contaminates, allowing 90% of the dust in the room to flow back into the air system. To maintain protection against biological growth, an EPA registered biocide should be applied every 6 to 12 months by a qualified Duct Cleaning Professional.

7. What are the sources of air duct contamination?

All inside air was once outside air, so all of the dust, chemicals, pollen, insects and mold spores in the outside air can be pulled into the air system. People shed millions of tiny dead skin cells every hour. Cooking smoke, household insect sprays, personal care products are also a source of pollutants. Many construction materials, carpets, wood products and plastics give off pollutants as well. During construction or remodeling activities, many types of dust are produced and find their way into the duct work. If the duct components were stored outside prior to construction, they may have collected dust, rain water and even mold before they were installed in a system.

8. What does it cost to have a whole air system cleaned?

This can depend on a lot of factors, such as the size of the home, the number of supply ducts, how long since the ducts were cleaned, etc. The whole system should be cleaned and a more efficient filter installed to keep the system clean longer. A competent duct cleaning company would not be able to do this for less than $200 for a small home or $800 for a large home.


We accept cash, check, and credit card payments from our customers.


Yes. We clean both residential and commercial units. Apartments that are on first and second floors are included in our service. Apartments that are located above these floors are unfortunately out of our reach, as the hose to the steam cleaning equipment are attached to the truck there is only certain length we can go up.


We provide many other cleaning services. Please visit our services page for more information. In short we provide: carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery and furniture cleaning, power washing, pressure washing of stones, driveways, vinyl sidings, gutters, decks etc. We also provide air duct and dryer vent cleaning services.


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